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Siberian Cedar Herb Steam Barrel 
and Healing Chamber
Now available in USA, Boise, Idaho!  

Siberian cedar is unique. It's energy and rhythms of life coincide 
with the energy and rhythm of the healthy human body. Other trees and plants do not have this characteristic. If person is near the cedar, his energy starts to balance and improve.

Siberian cedar is a capacitor of cosmic energy. Even a small piece of Siberian cedar contains more energy than all the man-made power installations in the world combined.

Siberian cedar emits phytoncides - antimicrobial volatile organic compounds that sterilize the surrounding air. If the surgical room is made from cedar, it will be aseptic without any disinfectants. Siberian cedar reacts quickly to any, even very minor, air pollution and that’s 
why it grows only in very clean, virgin forests – in Siberian taiga.

Finally, if you hear about Ringing Cedars,
you SHOULD come and try 
amazing power of this magical tree!

Hyde Park, 1615 N. 13th st., Boise, Idaho
Call for appointment: (208) 429.63.93  

This is the only Siberian cedar herb steam barrel 
and Siberian cedar panel healing relaxation chamber in Idaho, and possibly in the United States.
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