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Siberian cedar healing relaxation chamber
Siberian cedar panel – know-how in the field of inventions. This is an eco friendly material. It is made from the husks of cedar cones and cedar nut shells pressed at a high temperature in cedar resin. No other ingredients are used in this unique material!  Resin is a substance excreted by plants during normal physiological metabolism and in the healing process of plant injury. 

Siberian cedar resin is a genuine salvation. When wood resin comes into contact with the human genetic system, it eliminates the destructive programs that have taken root in the genome and restores the lost natural programs. It is named "zhivitsa" in Russian, thanks to its ability to heal wounds effectively and rapidly (the verb "to heal" in Russian, zazhivit, has the same root). 

The effect of the healing relaxation chamber is a natural regeneration, strengthening and maintaining of the biofield and the bioactivity of the human body. This is possible due to the similarity of the energy of the chamber to energy of the healthy cell of the human body. 

The material of the chamber has the same rhythm and frequency as the rhythm and frequency of the healthy human body. The action mechanism is based on the cells being cleansed from alien low vibrations. The chamber materials have an active positive natural vibration ("the spirit of cedar "), which are able to neutralize the negative vibes of people and spaces. Cleansing cells from negative low vibrations contributes to the functional state of cells organs and the whole body, thus improving well-being. Due to the special microclimate inside chamber, reduces the number of pathogenic bacteria, relieves irritability and fatigue, increases efficiency, and reduces asthmatic and allergic symptoms. People with chronic mental and physical fatigue, respiratory system problems, neurocirculatory asthenia, irritability, and functional impairment of organs and systems will find tangible benefits.

In the Siberian cedar healing relaxation chamber you can enter into a profoundly deep mode of relaxation and experience the release of emotional traumas and blocks. There is a bed made from Siberian cedar inside the chamber. There are only natural materials on the bed – a wool blanket, a goose feather mattress and a buckwheat hull pillow. The lavender eye pillow will add soothing effects to your experience. Relaxing sounds of nature will help you revitalize and reduce stress.

Meditation in the Siberian cedar healing chamber will give you unforgettable experience and a true feeling of inner confidence and personal power. In the chamber a person easily slips into an altered state of consciousness. The mind and soul become completely segregated from the body, wherein some can experience the feeling of complete oneness with the universe. The relaxing sounds of nature or music with binaural beats will help you revitalize and reduce stress.

Siberian cedar healing chamber has a unique healing effect in the world. The cedar panel chamber is used in Astronaut Training Center in Russia to restore pilots to health after flying.

In Siberian cedar healing chamber this is an increased concentration of phytoncides, flavonoids, bornyl acetate and other essential aromatic oils and resins. Phytoncides are natural antibiotics that kill many species of pathogenic protozoa, bacteria and fungi (therefore the air in the cedar forest is almost sterile - 200-300 bacteria per 35.3 cubic foot of air). Flavonoids stimulate energy metabolism, protect against excessive radiation. Bornyl acetate has a calming effect on the central nervous system; it improves cardiac function and stimulates circulation.

To enhance the effect of the healing chamber, a Himalayan salt lamp is placed inside the chamber that emits negative ions, which have strong antioxidant properties.

To restore the physical, mental and spiritual health daily sessions of 30 minutes are recommended for 10 sessions 
(1 session per day). 

Hyde Park, 1615 N. 13th st., 
Boise, Idaho
Call for appointment: (208) 429.63.93 

When I was in the cedar chamber the first five sessions, I fell asleep needing to recharge myself. Then from the 6th session on I noticed, I had more energy and each session after that I increased my time of not falling asleep in the chamber. The last two sessions I don’t believe I fell asleep, but yet I was in a “zone”! I felt instantly recharged and felt extremely positive and amazingly so much lightened!

 Monte Leon Harmon, Boise, ID
The Siberian Cedar Chamber has been one of the most intense spiritual experiences! It is a place I go to retreat, to fill myself up again. Everyone I have introduced to it has felt the same way, and each of us has had their own unique take on what it does for them.

S. W., Boise, ID
The panels are SOLD OUT!

It finally happened!! 
You have the unique opportunity to be a proud owner of a healing Siberian cedar panels, which Siberian cedar healing relaxation chamber made from! No, I'm not going to take to pieces the healing chamber in the Holistic Place. Brand new, freshly created Siberian cedar panels arrived to Boise from Siberian taiga forest! They are available for purchase! The amount of panels is limited, so hurry!

You will be the one of only few people in US who has this unique thing! The company does not import Siberain cedar panels to other countries. I am the only person they shipped to, first the chamber, now – the panels.

What are other benefits to have the Siberian cedar panels in your house, office?
If you simply hung the panel/s on the wall, you will notice:

• Efficiency increases, the clarity of consciousness improves.
• Functional disorders of the body and fatigue reduce.
• The amount of harmful bacteria in air desreases.
• The aroma of the material removes aggression and irritability.
• Asthmatic and allergic syndromes ease.
• Can relieves pain when applied to sore spots.
• Energy is restored by natural correction of the human biofield.

Where else can you install/put Siberian cedar panels?

• It reduces the time of sleep due to the rapid energy recovery.
• It removes morning awakening discomfort by increasing mental clarity.

On the desktop:
• It almost completely blocks the computer radiation.
• It reduces the harmful effects of any emitting equipment , including devices with microwave radiation such as cordless phones, cordless baby monitors, WiFi, cellphones, laptops and tablet computers.

The size of the panel: 7.8 in x 9.8 in
 Price for a panel is $30. Call me know 208-429-6393 to purchase these unique healing tools!