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Siberian Cedar Herb Steam Barrel
Siberian cedar steam herb barrel is made of a pollution-free Siberian cedar that is more than 300 years old. Barrels are constructed without using nails, screws, glue and other introduced chemical materials.

Siberian cedar steam herb barrel - a unique way of healing and prevention. The combined effect of the miraculous properties of Siberian cedar and steam, saturated with herbs, leads to a state of harmony and balance of the whole system and enables the apparent strengthening, restorative, rejuvenating effect. 

The herb steam leads to heavy perspiration and a streaming sensation on the body and detoxification. It cleans the body at the cellular level, stimulates the functions of all organs and systems, normalizes the metabolism and cleanses and rejuvenates the skin.

A session in Siberian cedar herb barrel lasts about 15-20 minutes and steam temperatures can reach up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit; temperatures can be adjusted based on each person’s preference. The person’s head stays outside so a person can get the pleasure and benefits, even if normal baths/saunas are not recommended.

Siberian cedar herb barrel helps to get rid of excess weight. Sessions in Siberian cedar barrels slow the accumulation of fat. Regular sessions in barrel will help to "melt fat" and reduce cellulite. The skin becomes more elastic and silky. 

Siberian cedar barrel is good for people with endogenous intoxication, chronic fatigue syndrome, low immunity, joints and axis diseases, muscle fatigability (including after intensive training in gym).

Siberian cedar herb barrel:
Burns up to 1 pound per session
Detoxifies all body systems
Restores immune system
Fights cold-related diseases
Fights fatigue and stress
Improves blood circulation
Reduces cellulite
Has anti-aging effect
Elevates sexual function
Reduces the pain and inflammation of arthritis, osteoarthritis, sciatica, improves joint mobility
Helps with the muscle fatigue and soreness (including after intensive training in gym)

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